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Warming up your Vehicle, Heater, Antifreeze, Thermostat. How does it all work?

At Finzels Mastertech we get asked all the time, "Whats the best way to warm up my vehicle". Your vehicle will actually reach operating temperature faster by driving it verse letting it idle in the driveway. When your vehicles thermostat is working properly and your antifreeze protection level is set to -34' or a 50/50 mixture, your vehicles heating system works at its best. Your vehicle uses the heater core as a bypass, the warmest antifreeze is sent to the heater core. That means that until your vehicles engine temperature reaches 195', your heater doesn't work to its fullest potential. Driving the vehicle under a load gets the engine temp up quicker. Without the added load of driving, the extended idle time needed to get the engine to 195' just wastes fuel. Of course in extreme low temperatures its good to give it a few minutes (2-5) to get things loosened up, meaning hydraulic fluids like transmission fluid and power steering fluid. In cold weather with precipitation, leaving your vehicle warm up long enough to clear the windows is a must. Cold weather also means less hours of daylight. Vision is critical to safe driving, so making sure your wiper blades and headlights are working and in good shape is very important. Finzels Mastertech wants to make sure your prepared for cold weather driving. Stay warm and stay safe!


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