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Transmission Fluid, The forgotten service

  Everyone knows to change your engine oil between 3,000 and 7500 miles depending on the manufacture’s recommended interval. What about your Transmission Fluid? What is the recommended service interval for transmission fluid? Some manufactures recommend 50,000 miles, some say 100,000 miles, some don’t list a recommendation at all.

  Automatic transmissions have many mechanical moving parts, electronic solenoids, valve bodies, torque converter, and clutches that all wear out. Transmission fluid is the life blood to the transmission and its even red in color, just like blood. Transmission fluid becomes contaminated with clutch material and breaks down from heat caused by different driving conditions. When the transmission fluid becomes contaminated and broken down, it cannot lubricate moving hard parts properly, witch causes more wear and contamination.

  Transmission replacement or rebuild costs can be upwards of $3,000.00.  Changing your transmission fluid as often as 50,000 miles can eliminate expensive transmission repairs.  At Finzels Mastertech a Transmission Fluid Flush starts at only $109.95 which is cheap insurance every 50,000 miles to avoid having to replace your transmission.  Having your transmission fluid inspected during every oil change service can alert you to potential transmission issues and poor fluid condition.


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