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GDI Carbon Cleaning

Vehicles that have direct injection engines are susceptible  to carbon buildup. Direct injection fuel systems do exactly that, they inject the fuel into the combustion chamber vs in the intake manifold behind the valves. Fuel additives that normally clean the intake system and valve train never touch those areas of the engine. The result is carbon build up in the intake system, the valve train and engine. Many GDI engines also are equip with variable valve timing and turbochargers are high failure areas effected by carbon build up. You can perform carbon cleaning maintenance services during regular oil changes to prevent carbon build up and eliminate costly engine repairs. Most vehicles require oil changes at 5,000 or 7,500 mile intervals. Using a GDI  additive package with every oil change will eliminate carbon build up. Every 15-20,000 miles a full service carbon cleaning and fuel system service should be performed to properly maintain a GDI engine.Carbon cleaning services can start around $39.95 and go up to $199.95 or serveral hundred for excotic vehicles.Finzels Mastertech has the proper carbon cleaning systems for your vehicle. Next time your due for an oil change ask Finzels Mastertech  about a carbon cleaning service and how it will benefit your vehicle and save you from costly repairs. 

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